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How long do Parties last?

The parties are 1 hour 30 minutes in the front of the store, if you book the back room it is an additional 1 hour, making the party up to 2 1/2 hours long.  The cost of the party room is $40 for the hour.  If you have a party of 12 girls or more the party room fee is waived.  The party room is the perfect venue for cake, presents, and visiting with your guests.


Where are the parties located?

The parties are right here in the store. We have a stage for karaoke, dancing, and games. We have a makeover bar for hair, and a make-up and nail station.  Complete with a video camera, so our little diva's can see themselves on tv, a working microphone, and a spinning light ball in the ceiling. 

Can we bring food to the party?

Girlfriendz now has a party room! We are limiting all food and presents to the party room.  If you choose to extend your party for an additional hour in the party room you may bring food, drinks, and cake!  If you aren't extending your party in the back room we will sing happy birthday in the front of the store, though we will not have time to eat any cake during the party.
We are proud to offer beautiful and delicious “cupcake favors" from our friends at Little Bliss Cakery.  For only $5 a girl we will supply an individually boxed cupcake with a sparkling lip gloss on top for each child.  If you do not extend your party into the party room this is an awesome alternative since the cupcakes are boxed and ready to be taken with the guests, serving as both cake and a party favor! 

Is there a minimum or maximum number of girls for the parties?

We have a seven girl minimum on Saturdays, five girl minimum on Fridays and Sundays, and a four girl minimum Monday thru Thursday. If it is less than four we recomend a "Glamour Makeover". We have no maximum for the parties, with our new back room, we can accomodate a large amount of guests and family.


What if the number of guests we reserved for changes?

We staff a certain number of employees based on the number of girls you are bringing, so we ask that if the number changes you notify us with at least a 24 hour notice. If your number significantly decreases, and you do not advise us of the change, you will be charged for the original number of girls.

How do I make a party reservation?

We can reserve your party time right over the phone! We require a fifty dollar deposit, which we can take over the phone with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. The deposit is then applied toward your party balance. If for some reason you must cancel your party the deposit will be given back to you in the form of store credit.

May we open presents at the party?

Yes, in the party room!  The back room is your time to do whatever you want. During your one hour in the back room we recommend time for presents, cake, and visiting with family and friends.

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